My Coach Alexander   

"I wish someone told me this when I first started.

It would have saved me thousands of dollars"

Trading Three Historic Markets 


I have been involved with the markets for 12 years, since 2006.  During this time I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way, by losing money.  I saw a bull market, then the 2008 crash and in 2009 the beginning of a 9 year bull market.  

Because these types of markets do not come around often.  In 2008 the pure speed and large moves down were incredible and I have never experienced that trading environment before.  Now it's 2018 and we have a 9 year bull market starting in 2009, right after a crash.  It is simply amazing to see a market crash and then go up to new all time highs every other month for years.  These type of markets are extremely rare in occurring

Why Should I Get A Coach?

To give yourself a fair CHANCE and for proper development.


As you evolve as a trader, you will go through what I call "Dating The Markets".  This is the phase when you trade new ideas to see if they work.  After losing a few thousand dollars, it's time to brake up with that idea.  Then you move on to your next trade idea, lose a few more thousand dollars and brake up again.  The "Dating The Markets" phase can continue for years, costing you a lot of lost time and money.  Getting a coach will bridge the trial and error process and get you started on the right track.


Alexander How Will You Coach Me?

By guiding you around the land mines of trading errors.

There are some trading errors which cost thousands of dollars that should never be made.  As a coach I will guide you with my experiences to minimize errors and improve performance.  Most importantly it is to develop the proper mindset, approach and process for trading.  The real question is, how many trading mistakes are you going to make, causing you to lose thousands of dollars before making it a "Don't Do That Again" trading rule.  

Be Safe From The Markets,